Our philosophy and approach to teaching Shotokan karate starts with mentally building an environment of self-respect and respect for others. From there, we focus on helping our students to build strength and flexibility, while conditioning them for overall fitness, health and wellbeing. Personal goals of students can range from simple fitness and social enjoyment to competitive training.

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About Murphy's

Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Murphy’s Karate Academy teaches the art of Shotokan karate. All age groups, skill levels and abilities are welcome and can benefit from training in karate, as it helps students build self-confidence and sharpen body awareness. Our studio and our classes form a welcoming and positive learning environment for all who want to join.



We offer a wide variety of classes, four days a week, for all ages, skill levels, and abilities. Whether you are seeking to achieve a higher fitness level, overall health and wellness, or competing for the Canada Games, there is something for everyone at Murphy’s Karate Academy.



Classes are offered Monday to Thursday, Daytime to Evening, at the Canada Games Centre in Clayton Park. 



Keep up to date with upcoming Karate Nova Scotia events, seminars, and sessions start and end dates.